In order to meet challenges of fast development of the new technologies, many areas of contemporary engineering and applied sciences, that were conventionally divided or loosely coupled in the past, combine their methodologies and merge together to provide new analytical and computational tools. This is specially evident in the area of multibody system dynamics, a branch of computational mechanics dealing with modelling principles and numerical methods for dynamic analysis, simulation and control of various complex mechanical systems.

By having its origin in analytical and continuum mechanics, as well as in computer science and applied mathematics, modelling methodologies and computational procedures of multibody system dynamics provide a basis for dynamic analysis and virtual prototyping of innovative applications in many fields of contemporary engineering. With the utilization of the computational models and algorithms that classically belonged to different fields of applied science, where in certain applications several physical models co-exist and interact within the same simulation procedure, multibody system dynamics delivers reliable simulation platforms for diverse highly-developed industrial products such as vehicle and railway systems, aeronautical and space vehicles, robotic manipulators, autonomous systems, smart structures, biomechanical applications and nano-technologies.

However, since application-based modelling and successful implementation of the computational methodologies rise many questions in terms of new solutions and optimal use of the specific models and numerical procedures, multibody system dynamics is a very active research field. In order to maintain this development and provide a platform to discuss the relevant scientific topics in this rapidly growing discipline, the ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Multibody Dynamics was initiated in Lisbon in 2003, and continued in Madrid in 2005, Milano in 2007, Warsaw in 2009 and Brussels in 2011.

Continuing this very successful series, the next edition of the ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Multibody Dynamics will be held in Zagreb, Croatia and organized by the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, from 1st to 4th July 2013.

The objective of the Conference is to present state of the art in the theory and applications of multibody system dynamics, to provide a forum for discussions on the relevant research issues and to serve as a meeting point for the international researchers, scientists and experts from academia, research laboratories and industry.

The hospitality of the City of Zagreb will contribute to the Conference success by providing culturally interesting and relaxing urban environment of the City that serves as an academical centre of the region for more than last 340 years.

Zdravko Terze
Conference Chair